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I am a videographer and Exotic pole dancer.

My expertise as both a dancer and videographer means I can help clients shoot a perfect dance videos through enticing angles and just the right lightingI have experience with various type of dance including exotic pole dance, high heels, contemporary, hip hop, frame up, acro-dance and other. I'm also a social media fan and love to shoot vertical videos!




I started with documentary photography and covering backstage photos for various events. Over time, I transitioned to capturing Pole Dance and Aerial Hoop & Silks. Those graceful movements in the air are an art worth photographing for me.

I strive to capture not only technical perfection but also the strength and personality of each dancer. Each shot, to me, represents the creation of a beautiful painting of light and body.


Dance videos

Filming dance videos individual and group videos, selects, performances and backstage.


Shooting portraits, dance and photo reports from events, backstage shooting.

Promo videos

Promo videos for social networks - instagram reels, tik-tok and other.

Video- and photo-days Around Czechia

Unique exprenience of photo- or video-day in any city in Czech Republic!

photo or video Shooting with laser

Photo or video shooting with laser and fog machine. Laser projection on celling, floor or laser show.


Video and photo report from the event you have. Aftermovie included.


More of my works you can find on my Instagram profile


Snapshots are stills exported from video we shoot together.

They have lower picture resolution then photos (not suitable for higher resolution printing), but it's a nice alternative

for presentation on social media.


We do group and indiviadual photoshoots of Pole Dance, acrobatics, Aerial Hoop & Silks and other. You can order shooting for your brand.

We do backstage photography of events or workshops.

Photos are in the highest quality and resolution and suitable for a high resolution printing.


Always included

  • Professional lights

    • 2x colored LED panels

    • 2x spotlights (day light) with softboxes

    • light projection - circle or other shapes

  • fog machine

  • color grade of all videos or photos

  • sync with the music

  • delivery time 7 days after  thepayment


Videos or


  • max. 15 people / hour
  • snapshots from videos




3 500 CZK / HOUR

* any additional service can be added


Videos + Photos

+ Aftermovie

Photographer and videographer in location at the same time


  • cut 1x aftermovie (up to 60 sec)
  • possibility of a dron filming

4 500 CZK / Hour

* any additional service can be added


Videos + Photos in 2 locations at the same moment

PHOTOSHOOT and VIDEOSHOOT in 2 spots at the same time 


  • max. 15 people / hour
  • snapshots from videos

5 000 CZK / Hour

* any additional service can be added

Choose addtional services

If none of the packages fits your needs, feel free to make your own. Choose the base package (Standard / Event / Premium) and add any of additional services below.

Additional Technic



Wireless Mic





Second photographer

1 000 CZK / h

1 000 CZK / h

400 CZK 




cost of rent



1 500 CZK / h   

Effects and Cut


 30 sec

60 sec



1 video


Detail retouch photo


300 CZK

500 CZK



300 CZK



200 CZK/pc

Express delivery



- all videos

- 1 video


With montage



+50% package

500 CZK



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